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Вместе с Mogo на дорогах более 50 000 машин!

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To provide our clients an opportunity to acquire good cars in a safe way, we cooperate with a vast network of trusted partners

If you are a vehicle dealer, becoming a Mogo partner will mean getting a reliable financial partner for your customers and various perks for yourself

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We care for integrity, compliance, and ethics, and we believe part of building a culture of trust is learning to speak up when something’s not right so that we can address the problem.
TrustLine is Mogo's parent company's Eleving Group whistleblowing system, where Mogo employees and external stakeholders can report suspected, experienced, or witnessed misconduct securely and confidentially. TrustLine is designed, established, and operated in a manner that ensures the completeness, integrity and confidentiality of the information and prevents access thereto by non-authorized persons.

When to report a misconduct via TrustLine

We encourage you to report any misconduct relating to:

  • Violation of business ethics and standards by Mogo or third parties representing Mogo;
  • Violation of the Mogo policies and values related to management practices, business conduct, or behavior;
  • Concerns regarding questionable accounting, internal controls, auditing, and financial reporting, or deliberate acts to unjustly obtain unauthorized benefits, such as money, property, or services;
  • Concerns regarding Mogo involvement in Human Rights abuses or violations, as well as business conducts or behaviors in breach of respect for Human Rights;
  • Significant violations related to antitrust or fair trading, espionage or sabotage, and information security violations.

You don’t have to have all the details or be sure that something is wrong to raise an integrity concern. You can trust that we’ll treat your reports seriously, fairly, and promptly and take action if something needs to be fixed. If you choose to, the report can be completely anonymous.
Please note that TrustLine should not be used for reporting customer complaints. Please use the Customer Service contacts for reporting such concerns.

Anonymity and Anti-Retaliation

Eleving Group does not tolerate discrimination or retaliation against persons who, in good faith, make a report or participate in an investigation. Therefore, we use effective, confidential, and secure reporting channels and by ensuring that whistle-blowers are protected effectively against retaliation. If you believe that you have been retaliated against for reporting or participating in an investigation, you should immediately inform us via TrustLine. All such reports will be investigated confidentially.
For more information, please see Eleving Group’s Whistleblowing policy.

Report a misconduct via TrustLine
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